Who are we?

Onyx Accounting and Management was incorporated and established to assist small to medium sized companies manage their day to day finance operations and to provide business owners with monthly reporting of their financial position. We provide business strategies and an oversight to risk, to enable your company’s growth and development.
We are not just your regular CPA qualified accountants. We provide services that can overall enhance your business operations, mainstreaming systems, which will enable efficiency and allow you to focus on moving forward. Given our experience we ensure to provide you with the best available advice on accounting software, timesheet packages, CRM, expense claims and other initiatives that are best suited for your type of business. We have the experience and ability to work with companies to promote the use of technologies and systems to enhance efficiency and to allow a more defined engagement to your business.

What we do?

We work together with other external professionals to provide management and financial accounts, along with other finance and tax services to a number of UK and Canadian clients. We welcome international clients globally and connect with our clients remotely and in person, where necessary, to ensure that our relationship and communications are strong. Our focus and ethos is to build relations with our clients by providing them with trust, communication, integrity and reliability. With these four factors, we are able to deliver high quality and efficient results to add value to our clients and enable the growth and stability of their company.

With the combined in-depth knowledge of our internal and external sources, our experience with both UK and Canadian tax regimes enables us to provide you sound advise on your tax planning for both your personal and business life. We provide the care and initiative to our clients in understanding their goals and objectives within their business and analyze what strategies are best suited that coincide with their personal wellbeing and growth.

Why we do it?

Managing your finances means you have less time to grow your business. Onyx is here to better analyse and understand your organisation’s financial plans, budgets and statements, producing performance reports and variance analysis. This way you have more time to focus on the results and add value to your business in areas where you are most required.

With our commitment, knowledge and experience, we have been able to assist clients with app advisory to enable their financial processes and systems are strong and work well. Our vision is to support and be behind these growing companies every step of the way, guiding and providing financial awareness on how their business is developing.

We achieve satisfaction knowing that we serve our clients venturing beyond the numbers, working closely with them to ensure they make the best decisions for their business.


During these unprecedented and uncertain times, we have been able to assist businesses, providing them advice and support where they may be struggling to survive. Initiatives such as arranging business loans, more in depth cashflow forecasting and monitoring and possible advice on restructuring are all part of what we do to help.